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Giovanni B. Ramello

Professore Ordinario di Economia Industriale
Coordinatore della classe LM-56 della Laurea Magistrale EPPAC
Via Cavour 84, 15121 Alessandria

email: giovanni.ramello@uniupo.it
Tel. 0131 283858
Fax: 0131 283704

Ramello's Forum

  • Why this page ?

    • This page is intended to provide information on specific topics, such as conferences and similar or research on the specific issues of my current research,that is to saylaw& economics, economics of information goods& intellectual property. competition policy & antitrust.
    • It represents my personal virtual interface with the scientific community and the web.
    • Hence, I am the only responsible for contents.
    • Nonetheless suggestions and any help are very welcome ! (gramello@unipmn.it)

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Forthcoming events

  • Conference on Economics of Libraries
    The two days conference scheduled in Milan, MARCH 11-12 is devoted to discuss economic foundations of the libraries activity. Libraries as cultural and research institutions, documentary assets and organization services, have a clear economic and financial interest that deserves a closer examination and discussion; even more if related to the side effects of the global crisis and to the measures used to overcome it. The 2010 Stelline Meeting is meant to open a discussion about this subject not only within the professional community, but also including the key contribution of managers and economists. Its aim is to improve the awareness of the cost reduction processes being implemented, suggesting also how to see new opportunities even in times of financial straigts.

    The relationship between efficiency and the judiciary is relevant to economists, legal scholars and policy makers. Sustainable development and health of national economic systems crucially depend on the well functioning judiciary. Accordingly, over the last years, there have been many attempts to improve various dimensions of judicial process within national legal systems. Examples are to have judges organize their own affairs via judicial councils, to make them accountable for their use of time by introducing court calendars and so forth.
    On the other hand the judiciary can equally represent the suitable solution for fostering efficiency in distinct domains equally relevant for attaining the welfare. This is the case for competition or regulatory innovation.This conference deal with the conceptual foundations of the relationship between efficiency and the judiciary, its single aspects, the consequences on economic development as well as options and constraints for reform. They will also try to shed light on the idiosyncratic features of the judicial process that can play a crucial role in the advance of democratic societies.
    The venue aims to contribute to academic progress and policy debate on the topic by gathering a group of experts and have them discuss various aspects during a two-and-a-half-day event at Collegio Carlo Alberto.The conference will be concluded by a roundtable to which experts on judicial reform will contribute. It is thus intended as a confrontation between theoretical insights on the one hand and practical experience on the other.

  • The Economics of Open Access Publishing
    Guest edited issue of Economic Analysis and Policy by Christian Zimmermann, University of Connecticut, concerning the economic interpretation of open access journals. Nice collection of papers bringing insights on how scholarly publishing is going to change.
    The Facolt di Scienze Politiche, the school of government of the University of Eastern Piedmont running degrees in Political Sciences, Economics and Sociology ranked THIRD among all the Italian schools in the same filed in the 2008 evaluation run by the CENSIS jointly with the national newspaper La Repubblica. A similar considerable performance was played by the Universit del Piemonte Orientale Amedeo Avogadro ranking SECOND among the popultation of mid size Italian universities.

    Good job ! ;-)

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Newly Released Book

  • LA NUOVA TELEVISIONE. Economia, mercato, regole
    Book jointly edited by A. Nicita, G.B. Ramello and F. Silva, dealing with the current television industry. Published by Il Mulino, Bologna, forthcoming 2008
    [File pdf] table of contents
    Edited by
    Donatella Porrini and Giovanni Battista Ramello

    This volume should be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of every person interested in the function of property rights and their evolving nature. The volume contains twelve original chapters on property rights, both on their basic nature and on their application in a wide arena, including intellectual property, human tissue, and marital assets. Its a must read.
    (Steven Shavell, Harvard University)
    This stimulating set of essays responds to an important need. Private property increasingly extends its reach particularly noticeable in the domain of copyright and new property forms continually evolve. Every reader will come away from this volume with new insights and information.
    (Wendy Gordon, Boston University)

    This volume deals with the contemporary property rights, examining its role and effect in light of the law and economics approach, while maintaining a focus on the real world and the specificities of practical cases. In particular, this volume questions the transformation of a specific institutional remedy for a market failure one of many available solutions into a quasi-universal religion that dogmatically assumes property rights are always a good solution for externalities. Property Rights Dynamics questions why property rights have trumped other institutional devices and eroded precise evaluation according to the rule of reason, as is familiar to normative analysis where it concerns matters of economic policy. A host of prominent contributors investigate specific milieus, support divergent theses on the effects of todays extensive propertization trend and cast new light on this crucial institution by balancing its power and its limitations.
    published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group
    Cover (link below)

    [File pdf] Table of contents


  • Society for Economic Resource on Copyright Issues
    This association is collecting worldwide law and economics copyright scholars. It organize an annual conference.
  • Italian Society for Law and Economics
    The society collects Italian scholars on L&E and organize an annual conference
  • Review of Law and Economics
  • International PhD Program IEL - Institution, Economics and Law
    Run by a pool of university including University of Torino, Cornell University, University of Ghent, Ecole Politechinque Paris, University of Piemonte Orientale.
    Provides scholarships to a number of applicants.

  • European Journal of Comparative Economics (EJCE)
    The European Journal of Comparative Economics since 2004 tries to represent an efficient disseminator of comparative studies in economics broadly speaking knowledge and serves as a doorway for entering the international scientific debate.

Past Events

    Innovation, Imitation and growth

    The international conference scheduled OCTOBER 3-4, 2008 in ALESSANDRIA attempts to gain further insights into the ambiguous relationship between intellectual property rights and welfare, by focusing on the role played by the openness in knowleddge domain. The specific aim of the event is to gather a number of distinguished scholars with different backgrounds to discuss the thesis as to whether open and competitive societies have been, historically, the most innovative and creative.

    Participants include:
    Michele Boldrin, Washington University in Saint Louis
    Mario Calderini Politecnico di Torino
    Irene Cassarino Politecnico di Torino and University of Oxford
    Alberto Cassone, Universit del Piemonte Orientale
    Guido Cozzi, University of Glasgow
    Stefano Fenoaltea, Universit di Roma, Tor Vergata
    Brett Frischmann Loyola University Chicago & Cornell Law School
    Wendy J. Gordon, Boston University
    Michael Keren, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    David Levine, Washington University in Saint Louis
    Francesco Lissoni, Universit di Brescia & Cespri, Universit Bocconi, Milano
    Carla Marchese, Universit del Piemonte Orientale
    Keith E. Maskus University of Colorado
    MacLeod, University of Bristol
    Alessandro Nuvolari, Eindhoven University of Technology
    Fabio Privileggi, Universit del Piemonte Orientale
    Giovanni B. Ramello, Universit del Piemonte Orientale & IEL, Carlo Alberto
    Francesco Silva, Universit di Milano, Bicocca
    Lei Yang University of Colorado
    Vittorio Valli, Universit di Torino
    Mikko Valimaki, Helsinki University of Technology

    [File pdf] download programme
  • The Economics of Knowledge Appropriabily and Exchange ESSID 2008
    Monte Sant'Angelo (Foggia, Italy), 1st-6th September 2008

    European Summer School on Industrial Dynamics
    Centro Studi Micaelici e Garganici - Monte Sant'Angelo - Foggia - Italy
    The 2008 edition of ESSID will take place in Monte S.Angelo, in Puglia, one of nicest regions of Italy. Lectures will be dedicated to the special topic of Knowledge Appropriability and Exchange, which includes the Economics and Management Intellectual Property Rights, of the Open Source movement, and the analysis of all forms of knowledge diffusion. Applicants are anyway welcome whatever their PhD or post-doc research topics, as long as it falls within the broad agenda of the Economics and Management of Innovation.

    Coordinator: Prof. Francesco Lissoni (francesco.lissoni@uni-bocconi.it)

    [File doc] Programme
  • Call for PhD in Law&Economics (deadline September 24)
    Dear All

    The official call for the IEL edition 2007/2008 has been
    open since 24th August and will last for 30 days. The deadline for
    applications is at 12:00 on Monday 24th September 2007

    Students may also obtain further information by contacting Leanne Duggan at leanne.duggan@carloalberto.org

    Applications should be made on line through the University of Torino at:

  • Introducing Class Actions in Europe: A Comparative Law and Economics Perspective
    The upcoming conference have been scheduled January 26 & 27 in Alessandria (Italy) and will start with the opening lecture by

    • Guido Calabresi (US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Yale University) and
    • F.M. Scherer (John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University)
    other distinguished scholars will attend the conference and the programmewill be soon available online.

    Stay tuned !

    The organizing committee includes: Alberto Cassone, Carla Marchese and myself from the University of Eastern Piedmont, and Ugo Mattei, UC Hastings and University of Turin.

    Conference Website

    [File jpg] Guido Calabresiclick here for a bigger version (by courtesy of A. Nicita)

  • [File JPG] Frederic Scherer at La Scala, click here for a bigger version
  • 1st Italo-French Workshop in Law and Economics
    The workshop is aimed at connecting the L&E research in the two European countries, paying special attention to the civil law systems perspective.
  • Workshop on Law and Economics of Intellectual Property and Information Technology
    Papers to download. See in particular F.M. Scherer's paper